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Materials of Casting Products

We proudly offer various types and materials of casting product indicated below, in accordance with JIS, ASTM, DIN, BSI or other international standards. There are also few examples of casting grade that we can provide you.
For any further enquiry or information about casting products related in your industry, such as
Machine Parts in sugar mill, in power plant, or in automobile industry.

Please do not hesitate to Contact Us via phone call or email.

List of Casting Alloys

    • Copper Based Alloys
      • Leaded Tin Bronze (e.g., LBC2, LBC3, LBC4, LBC5)
      • Aluminium Bronze (e.g., AlBC2, AlBC3, AlBC4)
      • High Tensile Brass (e.g., HBsC3, HBsC4)
    • Aluminium Based Alloys
      • Aluminium (e.g., AC4A, AC7A, ASTM A514, LM6)
    • Stainless Steel   
      • Heat Resistance (e.g., SCH11 [AISI 309], SCH13 [AISI 310], SCH15, SCH22)
      • Corrosion Resistance (e.g., SCS13 [CF8, AISI 304], SCS16 [CF8M, AISI 316], EN 1.4408)
      • Wear Resistance (e.g., CB30 [AISI 431], ASTM A532)
      • Duplex & Super Duplex (e.g., EN 1.4469)
    • High Alloys
    • Nickel Based Alloys
    • Cobalt Based Alloys 

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