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PCS 1 Company Background
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          In 1988, PCS Foundry Products Co., Ltd. was founded and focusing only on Non-Ferrous Casting Products, by the vision of
Mr. Chaow Niamsorn (President) and
Mrs. Saowanee Niamsorn (Managing Director).

          Work procedure, operation, and Quality Control in the company are with determination to create the high-quality casting products supplied to domestic markets at that time. Initially we were only offering made-to-order casting products.

          For that reason, CO2 Sand Casting Process was introduced to apply in production of casting products.

          Until now, we are steadily growing up with two more factories for specific production purposes. First of all, PCS 2 was founded in 2000 primarily specialising in Stainless Steel and Special Alloy Casting.

          By using Lost Wax Casting or Investment Casting as additional production processes, we can create most accurate, precise, flexible, and near-net-shape Metal Casting Parts.

PCS 2 Company Background
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Working Area of PCS 3 (B Building)
Find out more on our Machining Shop

          During 2014, PCS 3 was established to prioritise on Machining and Heat Treatment. Our machining shop consists of CNC machines such as Vertical Lathe, Horizontal Boring, and Machining Centre.

          We also provide the Vacuum Heat Treatment Furnace to implement casting product’s microstructure in order to improve its mechanical properties and corrosion resistance.

          The machining facility has been additionally applied in our production process to enhance and stabilise our final casting product’s quality under control with minimum error before delivery to clients.

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